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elbstack is a software engineering & design company. We question, we advise, and we're excited to help your next project to succeed.

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Which services do we offer?

We offer software development and design as service. That's how we support you with the realisation of your projects - with individual employees or with a whole team. We love to work remotely, but we will work at your place, too.

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We're excited to work with this technologies

Modern technologies amaze us. Whether blockchain, or artificial intelligence, or the newest web-technologies: We have a lot of fun using novel technologies up to their limit. We'd love to share this expertise and excitement with you!

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About our company culture

We set out own standards, regarding company culture and work climate. A traditional 9 to 5 job in a grey office? Not here!

Self-determined salary

Salary negotiations are a thing of the past, for we have developed a fair, transparent and comprehensible salary system. Everyone earns as much, as he/she wants to work for our clients. Everyone can decide how much time is spent on own ideas, personal development and vacation.


We regularly work at different places. Of course, we see each other at our office in Hamburg, but to reinforce our team spirit, we have a retreat of at least two weeks a year, amongst various team events. At our retreat, we work, undisturbed from our daily routine, on our company culture and own ideas.

  • elbretreat 2019 in Thailand
  • Segeln 2019 in Eckernförde
  • elbretreat 2020 in Dänemark

Own Projects

The work on own ideas is vital to us. It doesn't matter if this is about learning new technologies or developing new products. Here everyone can decide for themselves what to work on and how.

Remote Work

Whether at our Hamburg office, in a café or at home; Whether in the early morning or late at night; We believe, that everyone should work how he/she is the happiest. You're not living in Hamburg, but want to be at our Hamburg office and clients? No problem, you can stay at our company apartment.

Fun Facts

65,48 km

Average distance between apartment and office


Anzahl durchgefĂĽhrter Company Retreats

24,7 %

Average working time on own projects per week


We're more than just a job!

Some of us have known each other since our studies. Others have come to appreciate each other in their early professional careers. We see ourselves not only as work colleagues but above all as friends.


After 10 years in fashion industry Annaelle was curious about new paths and packed with her economical background she quickly learned how to develop software. Every day since she is excited about the wide world of IT. She likes to compare the art of programming with some of her most beloved hobbies: cooking and crafting.


With his extensive background as a software engineer, Christian helps our customers to be successful, primarily as a project manager. As one of the CEOs at elbstack, he not only created our self-determined salary model, he is also continually working on the development of new digital business models.


From native apps to websites and backends, his repertoire includes numerous frameworks and technologies - a true full-stack genius. His understanding of structuring complex requirements into simple components and developing their solutions is second to none.


Dan's path into software development began when he wrote his first lines of Pascal code at the age of 11. Today he can look back on over 10 years of professional experience as full-stack and mobile developer. Due to his time in many startup projects, he can contribute more than just software to your project.


Dominic attaches immense importance to the well-being of his team. With his consistently positive nature, he does not only have a substantial positive impact on an interpersonal level: his extensive experience in the frontend and backend has also enabled him to play a very versatile role in various projects.


Finn started as a working student at elbstack and is now an integral part of the team. He feels at home in frontend development and always strives to create maximum user-friendly systems in cooperation with the project stakeholders.


At the age of 16 Frederik founded his first own company and started developing web-based software for schools. Since then he is engaged in application development and works together with our customers to redesign their business processes through digitalization.

Jan Christoph

Since his early days, Jan Christoph has been enthusiastic about different technologies without having any inhibitions to venture into new areas. In addition to his background in physics, Jan Christoph has built up extensive knowledge in software development and hardware design over the years.


Mit einem HTML-Projekt zum Zeitvertreib fing es vor über zehn Jahren an. Heute kann Jan auf ein breites Spektrum an Programmierkenntnissen zurückgreifen. Zu seinen Stärken zählen Backend und DevOps, doch auch im Frontend bewegt sich der gelernte Anwendungsentwickler problemlos. Mit seinem Engagement und der Freude am Knacken von jeder noch so harten Nuss überzeugt Jan sowohl beim Kunden als auch im Team. Für ihn ist Softwareentwicklung Hobby und Beruf zugleich.


With over 10 years’ experience, Justin has developed digital products for both global and mid-sized businesses. He is result driven with enthusiasm and ambition for different technologies and has a knack for pushing boundaries. He tackles complex business logic with all challenges offered to him.


After working for several years in a typical company with a strict hierarchy and fixed working hours, Kathrin now, fortunately, looks after the well-being of the team. She is also responsible for all administrative tasks.


Leif is passionate about various technologies since his childhood and already worked on different software projects while studying mechanical engineering. After his time as a software developer in a startup he has now found his new home at elbstack.


After his professional change from Product Management to UX and Product Design, Lennart found his new home at elbstack. As co-founder of WeBurn, he also learned to appreciate frontend development.


Marcus has worked in several roles in the IT area for more than 25 years. He brings his experience to elbstack as COO to do everything to ensure that customers and employees feel comfortable with elbstack at all times. Marcus is a big friend of living organizations.


Martin has been involved with computer and internet technology since his youth. By now he has more than 10 years of experience as a professional software engineer with web technologies and C++. He can efficiently learn new languages and frameworks and places great importance on a well-structured, understandable and maintainable code base.


Mike already entered the IT industry at the end of the 90s. As one of the CEOs, he is not only enthusiastic about the further development of elbstack - he is also passionate about working on our IoT & Machine Learning project.


Before becoming a Software Engineer, Moritz worked as a tech writer and editor. Writing is still one of hobbies, but after getting a Computer Science degree, he eventually decided to make a living out of developing all kinds of software, ranging from low-level hardware to the web.


Starting with the development of measurement & evaluation software in C and C++, Philip has found his current home port in JavaScript. He prefers to develop software for end users because he has an eye for detail. However, he is available for everything from backend to frontend, data pipelines, analytics and applications software as long as the goal is the right one.


Sebastian has discovered his passion for entrepreneurship through his development as a persistent and versatile software engineer. In addition to his role as one of the CEOs of elbstack, it is therefore not surprising that he fully exploits his skillset for the development of further digital business models.


Sophie is passionate about building products that people love. At elbstack she leverages Frontend technologies to do just that. As a linguist, Sophie started her career in Communications and Marketing in the tech industry but she quickly realized that she wanted to build software herself rather than only market it — that was the spark that made her get into programming.


For more than ten years Stefan has been implementing complex user interfaces in the frontend with fun & precision. He is always at the forefront of trying out new tools and frameworks and testing them in practice.


Stefan has more than 12 years of experience as a software engineer. His desire to develop stable and reliable software is the reason for his affinity for automated testing and monitoring. Stefan is passionate about improving the current state of software as well as processes and methods.


Tobias has long had a soft spot for self-learning systems and automation. In his doctoral thesis, he dealt intensively with neural networks in the context of neurophysiological brain-computer interfaces. At elbstack, he is passionate about delivering the added value of artificial intelligence to projects.


After specialising in the fields of IoT & Digital Health, Valentin is now ready to start new adventures with elbstack. Besides coding, he also loves to design new applications, whether web or app. Without user-centered design and good usability, nothing works for him. By the way, baking Donauwelle is also part of his skill set.


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